Being a Strategy Driven Technology organization requires that the appropriate technology resources are available to support the domain knowledge requirements (i.e. electronics vs. materials) of the Technology Strategy. In addition, the overall culture of the technology organization needs to be modeled to reflect the principal methods and behaviors that Leadership believe are necessary to achieve success. For example, will the organization foster and reward teamwork and cross-functional support over individual achievement? Is mentoring expected from Sr. Level Technologists? Is there a career path to leadership level without having to become a people manager?

Both the identification and acquisition of the appropriate domain skills and the development of the appropriate culture can be achieved within a well designed technology career pathing and performance management process that is linked to the Strategic Technology Plan. Successful implementation not only leads to superior business performance but overall high technology employee satisfaction as well.

Whalen Management Group has developed and implemented customized Engineering Career Ladders to support Engineering career development and performance based measurement systems. When coupled with a "Pay for Performance" culture and methodology, this approach has had a significant positive effect on overall productivity and morale.